Oct 28, 2010

My Yummy Muffin Selections : Banana Almond, Blueberry Yugurt Almond and Choc Chip Raisin Almond

Banana Almond Muffins and Blueberry Yogurt Muffins.
Chocolate Chips Raisins and Almond Muffins!!

Special Edition: Oreo Mixed Berries Yogurt Cheesecake

A friend have a very last minute special order for her hubby birthday. 
Since her hubby favorite color is green..and she let me decides 
on the choice of cake type as long it tasted good. 

So I decided to bake her one of my special edition of 
Anacreative's cheesecake selection called 
Oreo Mixed Berries Yogurt Cheesecake 
with many chunks of Oreo biscuits in it.

What make it more special, 
I've layered it with chocolate sponge cake rolled 
filled up with strawberry jam and vanilla cream inside. 
Also, instead of sugar..I used original honey imported from Egypt 
which I ordered from my hubby's friend to make it more healthy. 

Hmm..sound delicious right?? 
Even it took a very long complicated process but the taste is just superb. 
Cut through it and put it in your mouth ~ you'll find the treasure within..hehehe

She told me that her hubby loves it so much!! Glad :) 
Hope this special birthday cake will makes he love his wife more :)
Topping & Decor : 
Buttercream icing - lime green & banana yellow flavor.
White vanila icing frosting as background.
Red Cherries, Almond slices, edible silver sugar ball & red heart.

Sep 17, 2010

Hari Raya Sweeties : Almond Yogurt Muffin & Chocolate Moist

Thanks Azrena for your loyalty in ordering cup-cakes year after year from me.
Here's are yours...hope you & family have fun during raya.

Thanks to Fauziah too who ordered Almond Vanilla muffin. Here's your muffin with topping version.

I would like to thanks Nana for ordering Chocolate Moist Cupcakes for her uncle's 27th bday.

Wedding Turqoise Theme : Chocolate Moist Cup-cakes

Thanks Ja for ordering. Tahniah buat adik Ja yg bertunang pada Raya ke3 hari tu. 
Moga berkekalan sehingga ke jinjang pelamin la hendaknya. Amin!!

Aug 9, 2010

2010 Aidilfitri Cakes & Cupcakes Selection

Please fill up your order form now or 
sms to 019-4236595. Please call to confirm order.

Jul 31, 2010

Cupcakes for Engagement Gift - Majlis Pertunangan

My Story...meeting Chef Wan in person!!!

Greetings everyone!! Sorry for not able to write much and update the blog ~ live was quite hectic for me lately and time really fly. In this entry - I'll tell you more story ya. Please read on..
 I'm so excited to share with you all this coming story. I've finally had the opportunity to met in person the famous super talented international Chef who had really inspired me in Cooking Business..the one and only Dato' Chef Wan in one of his Cooking Show recently in Kulim.  
 While cooking, he also jokes a lot (created lots of laughter from audiences), tells stories of his live journey and gave buckets and buckets of advises. It triggered me a reality fact that to work is not just about going to office every day to earn money but more on connecting to people and earn money in variety kind of ways as long as 'halal' in order for you to had enough story and money to share with people who are so dear around you and expanded to those who really in needs in your community.
 I've bought most of his recipe's book and let me tell you the truth, your cooking will always be tasty if you're able to follow his recipe correctly. Now you know why I can bake good cakes right? Besides signing up for Cooking and Baking classes, this is partly the reason la..hehehe

Jun 19, 2010

New Flavour: Nutty Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Glittering Red Theme: Wedding Gift @ Gubahan Hantaran Perkahwinan Terkini

My friend; Leen ordered these from me for her brother's wedding. She wanted it to be simple in red & white theme. Since she just leave the decor design up to me, so I've decided to create something elegant and dazzling for her bro's wedding gifts to his beloved bride!!
For Wedding Ring & 'Mas kahwin'
Fakhrul & Zura - Congratulations!!! Stay happy married forever after ya. Hope you like the decor..

May 5, 2010

My hot selling cup-cakes on the blog - Carrot Walnut Cheese-cake!!

Bottom layer: Carrot moist cake with walnut & chocolate chip
Top layer: Cream cheese, low-fat yogurt & lemon
Topping decor: Chocolate fudge :)

Feb 16, 2010

Vanila Chocolate Chips Cupcakes - Garden Theme!!


Happy Birth-day to Nur Dalila Farhana

14 Feb 2010
My sweet niece Eryna now have a sweet little sister nama Nur Dalila Farhana.
Congratulations!! Special Oreo Chocolate Cupcakes for a family of 4.
Thanks for visiting MakNgah & PakNgah ya.

Thanks Lina for ordering..hope you like the Oreo cuppies & design.

 I've used chocolate fondant to make these cute guitars for these special Oreo chocolate cupcakes that requested by Lina for her friend birthday in Penang. 
The wordings I copied directly from the sms she sent me and they're made of chocolate ganache!!
 Each cake has a piece of Oreo at the bottom and a layered of creamy 'Oreo' frosting on top. 
Since she want her cakes to be very colorful, so I've decided to use butter cream with fruity flavour (yellow = banana, orange = sunkist, pink = strawberry, purple = grape and green = apple). 
I've made several times for cake tasting & all my customer loves it so much and the order for this cakes keep on coming. My family love them too!!!

New Cupcakes on the blog..OREO Chocolate Cuppies..yummie!!


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