Feb 19, 2009

Feb Promo - THANK YOU note..

To all my dearest customers & friends,

Feb is almost reaching to its end & I've received very good responds on my Feb Promo item; Banana Almond Cupcakes.

Special thanks to all who had purchased & ordered my cup cakes!! Especially to Kak Ela & Laili for your repeat orders.

I was thinking to put my Fruity Yogurt Cheese Cup Cakes as March Promo item. So stay tune & keep checking out my blog to get price per set at special price soon. I will start open order for March Promo item by next week. So hurry - don't miss this chance!!

I'm glad to deliver the cup cakes repeated order this evening. I've also sold out all the mini packs of Banana Almond Cup Cakes & give out some free samples to get feedbacks as well TODAY :)

Here're a few comments I've got..

Laily said..
Kengkawan - Laili dah pernah beli retu - Tak perlu diragui lagi - kek lembut & sedap - Tu pasal order 2nd round dah ni...Seketul mini tu 50 sen - sekali telan jer tu.. tapi, kualiti ok - kira berpatutan la...Alangkan secret recipe kalau disusun mini cakes tu sebesar potongan secret recipe pun, masih murah lagi la

K.Ela said..
Anak-anak k.Ela - Amelia & Hannah suka sgt. Nak order lagi 3 kotak esok!! Nak bawak wat bekal pi KL pulak..hehehe

Aza said..
Wah..wanginya bau dia..emm..SEDAP!! :P meh..cuba la...

Kish said..
Sukanyer..nak order 3 kotak utk awal bulan depan ya. Nak bawa pi KL cuti Maulud Nabi nie - bagi cik abang rasa pulak :D

Asma said..
Ana - Wow .. byk nyer demand. Asma pun nak jugak OK.

Glad to receive your positive comments!! It worth & happy baking these cup cakes for you all!! I just love baking especially for all the sweet people who really know how to eat tasty food..hehehe
Here're the photos of the freshly bake cup cakes just for your review..

A Mixture of Mini & Medium Size Banana Almond Cup Cakes packed in a box!!

Below is the new Banana Almond Mini Set available..
RM3.50 Mini Cuties : a pack of 3 mini cup cakes & 2 medium size cup cakes.
RM3.00 Sweet Triplet : a pack of 3 medium size cup cakes.

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